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User Info: fire_starter05

5 years ago#21
Donniedonz posted...
Mariofan15 posted...
From: Teh_Tiltyu | #003
chlorophyll is like the best ability on a lilligant <_<

Subjective. I perfer Own Tempo.

No, objectively Chlorophyll is the competitively viable ability. However, if you're specifically planning to run Petal Dance AND avoid using sun in conjunction with Liligant, then I guess you should do Own Tempo. However, Chlorophyll IS the better ability overall. You, personally, want to use Own Tempo. That doesn't mean it's subjective.

Chlorophyll is only the better ability on a sun team.
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User Info: MogMoogle1

5 years ago#22
purple_raven posted...
Iv this IV that, ability this ability that! Wow! Pokemon sure has changed.....

So TC how long and how many eggs did it take? I want to hatch a shiny deino post game.

I didn't really count at all, I just had a Pokemon with Flame Body to cut down the time to hatch eggs, one to Fly me to White Forest(cuz I wanted it to hatch there) and 3 open spots to snag eggs. Bred a Modest Petilil and a Japanese Cottenee, since that increases the likelihood of a shiny by a lot. Took me about a little over a week of constant egg hatching with small breaks of misc other in game stuff in between.

What helps pass time is to turn up some music or show/movie while you mindlessly travel back and forth to hatch those eggs, otherwise you'll get real tired real quick. Good luck with your Deino though, I think it requires more steps to hatch.
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User Info: MogMoogle1

5 years ago#23
Okay, got my Lilligant high enough to do an IV calc and apparently its Hidden Power is a Flying type at 70 power. Right now she's sporting these moves:

Giga Drain
Petal Dance
Quiver Dance
Sleep Powder

I'm tempted to get that Hidden Power for coverage, but would it be worth the sacrifice? And if so, what would I get rid of? GAH!!!
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User Info: Teh_Tiltyu

5 years ago#24
replace drain since own tempo makes petal dance a bit less risky

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