Making my own pokemon game, would you like to see anything special?

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User Info: goodknife

5 years ago#11
metagame rival (or elite 4 , gym leader)

ev , iv , in battle stat stage show

usable items that increase/decrease iv 1 per use (like carbos , protein , etc. but increase/decrease iv instead) sell on shop or game corner price

wind weather move (we're already have fire/earth/water and ice, so why not wind?)
name: Extreme Wind , pp 5/5 , flying type
- get rid all entry hazard (Spikes , Stealth Rock , Toxic Spikes) on the battlefield and prevents it from set
- increase flying type speed by 50%
- increase special base-flying type move's power by 50%

User Info: Brandon042487

5 years ago#12
There is a such thing as windy weather, could possibly act like a Tailwind for just flying types and cause flying type moves have slightly increased damage.
I'd call it Gail
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User Info: zombiabsol

5 years ago#13
I like the idea of hail being buffed up and making a windy weather condition.
Also being able to raise ivs.
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User Info: Ghetsis

5 years ago#14
Make an even more attractive female-only evolution for Lopunny with sweeper-quality stats.
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User Info: DarkDragon386

5 years ago#15
I always thought a nightfall weather would be cool

Night Falls (you can probably think of a better name)
-5 PP
-Summon night for 5 turns
-Moonlight recovers 50% of max HP
-Dark and Ghost type moves have 100% accuracy (I don't think that's too unbalanced as there aren't a whole lot of insanely overpowered ghost or dark attacks)
-Dark and Ghost type Pokemon bypass entry hazards until weather effect is over
-Fire and electric moves have accuracy cut in half

I'm not a fan of perma-weather abilities, so I'm not suggesting a perma ability and Pokemon

One thing I thought would be cool (before Gen IV) was starting in Kanto. When you beat theE4, you either have the choice to go to Johto (via waterfall HM) or Hoenn (via Fly HM). And there would be region exclusives. So, maybe you can have branching continent exploration.
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User Info: ZarthimusPrime

5 years ago#16
Arbok evo-Poison/Dark (Maybe a two-headed snake?)
Ninetales evo-Fire/Psychic
Sudowoodo evo-Rock/Grass (an actual tree)
Dunsparce evo-Normal/Dragon
Houndoom evo-Fire/Dark (Cerberus)
Sharpedo evo-Water/Dark (Full length shark)
Chimecho evo-Psychic/Ghost (creepy bell)
Galvantula evo-Electric/Bug (large tarantula)
Ferrothorn evo-Grass/Steel
Druddigon evo-Dragon/Rock (gargoyle)

Obviously not all of these, but some would be cool.
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User Info: Teh_Tiltyu

5 years ago#17
From: ZarthimusPrime | #016
Sudowoodo evo-Rock/Grass (an actual tree)

thus ruining the entire point of the poke
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User Info: goodknife

5 years ago#18
- Moonlight recovers 50% of max HP

wait.. moonlight base recover is 50% and 2/3 in sunny condition, so this should be 2/3 max hp too.

User Info: 360pages

5 years ago#19
Well if you do make it, make it a little challenging. I assume you are either going to use game maker or um... something else I can't mention here.
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User Info: ellis123

5 years ago#20
What are you using to make the game (language or pre-built program)?
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