If we could, on which Pokemon you use to fly on?

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  3. If we could, on which Pokemon you use to fly on?

User Info: DMGirl

5 years ago#71
Flygon or Altaria.
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User Info: airtamis

5 years ago#72

If you're gonna fly, take the lord of creation for a spin!

User Info: 1998_z

5 years ago#73

But seriously, riding on a back of Shiny Rayquaza is boss.
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User Info: PinnaPark

5 years ago#74

User Info: BloodlustSweden

5 years ago#75
Flying Pikachu XD

...neh...I'd use...hmm..idk..
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User Info: Teh_Tiltyu

5 years ago#76
i'd fly on a swadloon

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User Info: ybro845

5 years ago#77
Golurk, Giratina, or Zebstrika.
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User Info: Saixe

5 years ago#78
Lugia. Because he's a bada$$ pokemon!
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User Info: Tayo2345

5 years ago#79
king_reggie_28 posted...
Flygon. Oh yeah.
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User Info: Polimario

5 years ago#80
Rose_Mage posted...
A fine warrior like me only deserves an equally awesome mount.

Therefore I pick Reshiram.

Whomever picked or picks Zekrom, prepare to die, unless you are Sol, of course.

Good thing I chose to modify my DNA with science, becoming an undying, invulnerable being.

Because I choose Zekrom.
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  3. If we could, on which Pokemon you use to fly on?

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