Why Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald get hate.

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User Info: spooky96

5 years ago#21
Best gen since the 1st, so I don't hate it.

User Info: Umuru

5 years ago#22
None of those reasons bothered me too much, and I don't have anything that springs to mind that isn't on that list.

User Info: Stealthlys

5 years ago#23
Benzychenz posted...
GhostMaker1988 posted...
I have no complaints at all. Best gen in the series.

User Info: Polimario

5 years ago#24
My biggest gripe with RSE would have to be Events.

They could have US events be state-wide, bo nope, they had to restrict Gen 3 events to the Northeast.

I was in Hawai'ii during Gen 3, and my parents aren't the kind who'd pay hundreds of dollars just so I could go somewhere to get something for a game.

Thankfully they learned that lesson Gen 4 onwards.
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User Info: ReverseFuture

5 years ago#25
Probit_Return posted...
pizzaman95 posted...
"Gameboy Advance."

...How is that a reason? Did people treat it like it was never gonna catch on and I never noticed?

The original GBA was pretty awkward. It was clunky, the screen was hard to look at (though it was an issue with past gameboys as well), and it all around just wasn't all that special (edit: at least in my opinion). I had a friend that had one, and I'd played it enough to not really like it. The SP, however, was awesome. It took everything about the original GBA that I didn't like, and it fixed it.

The only bad thing about the original GBA was the lack of a backlight (which was pretty bad though). Otherwise, it probably had the best design of any handheld. I miss those shoulder buttons.

User Info: SigmaSlash

5 years ago#26
Probit_Return posted...
To be clear, I don't hate the Gen 3 games.

That being said, my biggest complaint when they came out was the lack of day and night. It was a big feature of Gold/Silver/Crystal, and it seemed weird that they'd have gotten rid of it. I've long since gotten over it though. It's a pretty miniscule issue, and so I've let it go.

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User Info: AugustDreaming

5 years ago#27
Only thing that bothers me about the games are the lack of day/night cycle, the music isn't that great either but that's about it.
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User Info: Ghetsis

5 years ago#28
The only complaints I have about it are in retrospect. No physical/special split, and one-use TMs.

But I can't hold those against it.

My favorite games in the series story region/music/adventure-wise, but for the two reasons I mentioned above, I like Gen V more.

Obviously, having a remake of RSE in Gen V would address both of those problems, so I'm really hoping it happens. Though I'm sure they'll ruin the music.
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User Info: gamingrat

5 years ago#29
Other, because it is the best gen in the series and people like to complain about nothing

User Info: ReverseFuture

5 years ago#30
They're the ones that feel the least like pokémon games to me, really. The feeling I feel when I play it is different,for some reason. Gen 5 is the same, but in a better way.
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