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User Info: CobCannonz

5 years ago#111

Oh wait...
Proud owner of a smiley free signi- >:) dang

User Info: tadashii18

5 years ago#112
Reuniclus - Preclusion

Gyarados - Barbados

Alomomola - Absalom
Pokemon White FC - 5244 0146 6376
Pokemon Black 2 FC - 3783 6998 1893

User Info: viewmaster_pi

5 years ago#113
Pinsir: Pin sir, Pin-sir, Pins ir, Pins-ir, Pins, Pincer, Pains, Pin's, Pines, Pings, Puns, Pinier, Pinnies, ****, Pissoir, Pindar, Pans, Pens, Pinkie, Pianos, Pianist, Pansy, Pain's, Peons, Pones, Pun's, Pisser, Pinter, Pinker, Punier, Pine's, Ping's, Pine, Pinks, Pints, PIN, Pan's, Panes, Pawns, Peens, Pen's, ****'s, Pin, Pis, Psi, INS, Finis, Ins, Minis, Spins, Pisa, Pius, Pi's, Pies, Ping, Piss, Peon's, Piano's, Pissing, Porn's, Pone's, Pony's, Pena's, Pawn's, Peen's, Pink's, Pint's, In's, Pane's, Spin's, Pie's, Mini's
Sitting cross-legged on the floor, 25 or 6 to 4.

User Info: pmackinnon

5 years ago#114
Sigilyph - Springily

Tauros - Autocross

Ambipom - Ambit

Sentret - Trent

Froslass - Frostiness

I like Tauros's one.
hee hee hee

User Info: teehee_201

5 years ago#115
Shaymin: shamming
Azelf: azazel
Mespirit: spiritless, spirit, esprit
Uxie: Siouxie
3DS FC: 1590-4871-4357
YOLO: You obviously lack originality...

User Info: Magmasta

5 years ago#116
Sunflora: Sun flora, Sun-flora, Sunflower, Snuffles, Snuffle, Snufflier, Sinful, Snuffled, Snuffly, Sinfully, Snuffle's, Synfuel, Sniffle, Snuffling, Synfuels, Snaffle, Synfuel's
Bowser is a Tarasque and Magmar is a legend

User Info: FouCapitan

5 years ago#117
Girafarig - Seafaring
Killing means never having to say you're sorry.

User Info: eponastar

5 years ago#118

flygon: fly gon, fly-gon, flagon, falcon, flagons, Flynn, polygon, flagging, flogging, Fulton, flog, flying, felon, flown, flogs, ****in, lagoon, legion, flag, flagon's, flan, flagman, flagmen, forgone, Logan
" I never told anyone.... but I've always thought they were lighthouses "
Seriously, go play To the Moon

User Info: XWolfO

5 years ago#119
Groudon: Grounds
It's-a me!

User Info: goodknife

5 years ago#120
smeagle: sm eagle, sm-eagle, smuggle, smuggler, smugly, seagull, smaller, Small, scale, small, smell, smile, smuggled, smuggles, smelly, smudge

lol. i like the sm-eagle :P
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