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User Info: GalladetheGreat

5 years ago#81
Kakuna: Kak una, Kak-una, Kahuna, Jejuna, Cajun, Karina, Katina, Lacuna, Caking, Jacking, Arjuna, Jana, Akin, Cajuns, Kan, Lacunae, Kazan, Janna, Gawking, Jejune, Joking, Kicking, Karin, Karyn, Kane, Kano, Carina, Baking, Faking, Galena, Making, Quaking, Raking, Taking, ****, Waking, Caging, Coking, Agana, Gatun, Karen, Krona, Oaken, Taken, Waken, Cajun's, Kikuyu, Cabana, Vicuna
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User Info: Magmasta

5 years ago#82
First censored word found, gratz.
Bowser is a Tarasque and Magmar is a legend

User Info: PlayerFiftyOne

5 years ago#83
Delcatty: Del catty, Del-catty, Delicate, Delicately, Delicacy, Delegate, Decatur, Delta, Delgado, Hellcat, Defalcate, Ducat, Delft, Telecast, Dedicate, Defecate, Relocate, Decade, Delete, Dilate, Alcott, Delint, Dulcet, Delegated, Delegates, Delight, Dilator, Delegate's

User Info: ZERO2936

5 years ago#84

Aerodynamic, Aeronautical, Aerobically, Aeronautic
Official Magnezone of the PMD: Managate and the Infinite Labyrinth Boards

User Info: rick451

5 years ago#85
Flareon: Flare on, Flare-on, Flaring, Freon, Flare, Florin, Flagon, Flared, Flares, Flatiron, Clarion, Flare's, Flareup, Flatten, Florine, Lauren, Fallen, Flan, Falcon, Loren, Frauen
Official Flareon of the B2/W2 Boards

User Info: PinnaPark

5 years ago#86

Accelgor: Uccello, Uccello's, Eclogue, Axle, Ecology, Acapulco, Acrylic, Excl, Excls, Axial, O'clock

User Info: RatedRKO7

5 years ago#87

Infer nape, Infer-nape, Infernal, Inferno, Infernos, Infernally, Inferno's, Infinite
Got it memorized?- Axel
Not changing this sig until Edge get inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Started 4/11/11

User Info: Aaron_Feuer

5 years ago#88

Gardener, Gardenia, Devour, Guarder, Gardner, Carder, Gadder, Garter, Girder, Garden, Griever, Cadaver, Groovier, Devi, Garvey, Grover, Cavour, Guarded, Cardiff, Takeover

How about that? The Grass Gym Leader XD
I know right?! I mean, who comes to message board to ask questions?! Pfft. -redroses_4life

User Info: PhantomLink1

5 years ago#89
Porygon-Z - Polygon, Paragon, Oregon, Proton, Progeny, Pron, Origin, Peron, Polygons, Portion, Prion, Paragons, Gorgon, Foregone, Dragon, Popgun, Prison, Polygon's, Paragon's
http://tinyurl.com/thepartycannon II http://tinyurl.com/Pinkamena-Portal
Imaster's Comic - http://legendofmaxx.com/

User Info: RadioRebel

5 years ago#90
Roggenrola > Urogenital (you can't make this up)
FC: 4084-3347-5517
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