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User Info: XenonOctopus

5 years ago#1
Favorite Region? - Results (225 votes)
15.56% (35 votes)
17.78% (40 votes)
36% (81 votes)
12.44% (28 votes)
18.22% (41 votes)
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And why

User Info: DMGirl

5 years ago#2
Johto. It's where I started out. It's kind of like being at home kind of.
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User Info: phantom_arcane5

5 years ago#3

I don't care if 50% of the game is water, I just really like the landscape.
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User Info: Marbiaach

5 years ago#4
Unova. Hoenn is close, if only because I like tropical areas. (Don't like the games themselves as much though.)

Unova because, well, not sure. I just really like it for some reason. Black City/White Forest and the differences between Opelucid City (W) and Opelucid City (B) are really cool.
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User Info: Vycoul

5 years ago#5
Johto. Reason: nostalgia.
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User Info: XenonOctopus

5 years ago#6
I thought Johto was the weakest >_> It feels like there's nothing there, plus they probably had to skim it down to fit Kanto in GSC

User Info: TehTrumpCard

5 years ago#7

I love both.

Johto. It's where my love of Pokemon started. The soundtrack and all of the Old and New Pokemon (at that time) mixing together both through evolution and just encountering them in the wild. Not to mention the anime didn't buff up too many bad mons.

The cities were actually pretty cool since each one had different feels to them. A lot of secrets in this region which made exploring fun.

I enjoy Unova also because it reminds me a lot of where I live (except for people trying to get on the Ferris Wheel by themselves).

It's a lot of fun in BW2 to go explore which was noticeably larger than BW1. Every little character felt like they had personality to them and it was actually kinda fun to see all the little references to all of the older games. I got serious Johto-esque vibes but with the addition of the seasons it feels like a second Johto TBQH.
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User Info: LostSoulCalibur

5 years ago#8
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User Info: Gastroid

5 years ago#9
Hoenn is top for me. I loved the route variety. Pretty much every new route had fun exploration. Unova comes second for me in that respect, although a lot of the routes felt fairly short to me. Johto and Kanto, to me, just lacked a lot of diversity and were just too bland for my liking. Sinnoh was ruined for me via Mount Coronet. I hate that thing so much.
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User Info: Mistress_Zelda_

5 years ago#10
Easily Hoenn. Most diversity and prettiest region I think~
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