Does gen IV have any redeeming qualities?

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User Info: Gastroid

4 years ago#51
HG/SS Menu Screen
The return of the Vs. Seeker
Kurt and his heavy balls
Tesla Destroid
Continental Maelstrom

User Info: wind64a

4 years ago#52
Spark_Flash posted...
wind64a posted...
The incredible size and diversity of the Sinnoh region.

Half that region was dominated by a mountain range. Hoenn was more varied.

However, Gen 4 gave us:
1. The Physical/Special Split
2. The Pokeathlon
3. Seals
4. The Physical/Special Split

No Hoenn wasn't. Half the Hoenn region was dominated by the water. It was entirely a tropical region. There was a small anomalous cave for Ice types and that was due to submersion, and some oddity rather than a true artic aspect. Sinnoh goes from a tropical section, where you can transfer Pokemon, to a rather large snowy north. If you count the Battle Frontier, it even had its own volcanic region. Mt. Coronet spits the region, but hardly takes up truely half of it. Sunnyshore could be considered tropical/subtropical, you had dissiduous forest from Floaroma Town to Eterna City. It was quite varied.

To compare the two:
Hoenn had islands, Sinnoh had islands
Hoenn had a volcano, Sinnoh had a volcano(Battle Frontier only though)
Hoenn had shoal cave, Sinnoh had Snowpoint City, upper mt. Coronet, Snowpoint Temple
Hoenn was mostly tropical, Sinnoh had Sunnyshore City, and the Pal Park for tropical
Hoenn had water routes, Sinnoh had water routes.
Hoenn had dive areas, Sinnoh had the Underground
Hoenn had a desert, Sinnoh had a desert (Battle Frontier)
Hoenn had large ruins, Sinnoh had large ruins
Hoenn had ???, Sinnoh had lakes.
Hoenn had Mt. Pyre, Sinnoh had the Lost Tower
Hoenn had rivers, Sinnoh had rivers
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User Info: trutenor

4 years ago#53
1) Best trio of starters (especially Infernape)
2) Physical/special split
3) Made crappy/so-so pokemon good with evolutions (Togetic, Sneasel, Electabuzz, Magmar)
4) Poketch
5) Vs. Seeker
6) Wi-fi
7) Made Scizor the legend that it is today (It wasn't until Platinum that Scizor became godly).
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User Info: HolyCorsair

4 years ago#54
From: ZERO2936 | #008

This. Platinum Cyrus is the best Team Boss.

User Info: artistikkid

4 years ago#55
You guys made good points - I came off wrong, I wasn't even saying I hated gen 4, just that I can't really remember DPPt at all, and they don't seem too cool in retrospect.

the Phy/Spec split was definitely a good thing. The Pokeathlon though seemed like a crappierContest, which was actually fun. And yes HGSS was great
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User Info: LostSoulCalibur

4 years ago#56
Not including remakes...
Gen IV has...

Physical/Special split.

That's it.
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User Info: LostSoulCalibur

4 years ago#57
Also Cyrus.
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