Non-pokemon things that look like pokemon

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User Info: 72nd_Gunslinger

5 years ago#1
ITT: things that are not related to pokemon (i.e. people, monsters, characters, etc.) that look like certain pokemon.

Every time I start a new game, I decide on a certain theme, and my BW2 save is centered around Lovecraftian abominations. So I've been using this blog as a handy reference for names (as it's a pain in the ass to thumb through thousands of pages of books), and I found this guy, who bears a *striking* resemblance to Darmanitan:

So much so that I now have a Darmanitan named "Dweller." So....any other stuff that you've seen that makes you double-take and go, "Holy crap, it's [that pokemon]!"?
"The ones who aren't human....ARE YOU!!"
--Lucy, Elfen Lied

User Info: Magmasta

5 years ago#2
Only one that sticks in my head is when I used to watch DBZ, Frieza would always remind me of Mewtwo.

It was the good cartoon line up they would have after school before they went pro reality.
Bowser is a Tarasque and Magmar is a legend

User Info: FFnut

5 years ago#3
That stupid tree north of Goldenrod City in the Johto games.

Looks like it should be a Pokemon but all it does is wiggle like it has epilepsy when I try to battle it.
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