Which Pokemon are good singers?

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User Info: yzman

5 years ago#11
Jigglypuff is the obvious answer here.
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User Info: Magic_warlock90

5 years ago#12

I don't know if we're talking about food or sex at this point, but I couldn't really care less.

User Info: Nessbound362

5 years ago#13
Perish trap Misdreavus?

User Info: FefnirOmega13

5 years ago#14
Lapras is said to be an excellent singer of sad songs...
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User Info: Pendragon71037

5 years ago#15
Several grass types, and possibly the chime family.
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User Info: MileRun

5 years ago#16
I claim to be the official Porygon2 of the Pokemon Black 2 board.
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