If each country had one pokemon, what would yours be?

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User Info: Neo_Heartless

4 years ago#21
primavistaship posted...
I'd say Lapras for Scotland.
We don't really have any symbolic animals, so I guess we'd just roll with the whole Loch Ness monster thing. Lapras is cool though, so whatever...

Hmm, could work too, but I still think Stoutland.
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User Info: vahndragonwing

4 years ago#22
mustardpi314 posted...
If it wasn't for the bald eagle symbol, i would've chosen Snorlax for USA...

hue hue

I can make generalizations too
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User Info: joejones6

4 years ago#23
Well for India the national animal is a tiger
I don't know what that dude who said alakazam was thinking
But a tiger... Raikou?
Or a purugly lol since it's a tiger cat Pokemon
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User Info: Proto_Man99

4 years ago#24
America is Snorlax. All we do over here is eat and sleep. though there are some of us that are athletic like me, but there are more snorlaxs
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User Info: Kaguura

4 years ago#25
China is Slaking, obviously. Japan is Lopunny.
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User Info: BlueEye0

4 years ago#26
My national animal is a falcon but since there is no such Pokémon I think I'll combine a bird and since my country is Iceland, an Ice type. So I guess mine would be Articuno. Pretty cool...

User Info: Adam_Ace

4 years ago#27
Well being from the UK I'd have to say Jelicent soley because it looks kinda like the queen.

User Info: Chaos_Missile

4 years ago#28
I want to say Porygon-Z due to "corruption" but Lunatone and Solrock. Not OR, it's AND
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User Info: bluedragon619

4 years ago#29
_Quest_ posted...
Mine would be Salamence, being a four legged dragon, because there's one on my flag.

Cymru am beth
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User Info: Sol_Apollo

4 years ago#30
Seems we were once a Druddigon. Now we're more like Combusken leftovers inside a Trubbish bag.
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