Your first shiny pokemon

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User Info: oraclelink

4 years ago#101
VectorAgent posted...
Ah, gotcha. Does soft resetting work, though? (Thanks for the tips!)

Only if you save before you get the egg. The stats are generated when it's given to you. The hatching portion is just the game's way of making you wait to find out the inevitable.
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User Info: sonofkorol

4 years ago#102
Got really lucky and got a shiny Zubat in Crystal. I love Crobat, so I mad ehim happy and had a powerhouse shiny.

My girlfriend is awesome and traded me a shiny Gastly she found. <3
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User Info: LightBlueMist

4 years ago#103
I once caught two shiny Rhyhorn in the safari zone in Leaf Green within like 2 weeks of each other.... .__.

User Info: Tanooki_Yoshi

4 years ago#104
The first shiny I've caught (beyond the Red Gyarados from Silver) was a shiny Paras in Pokemon Fire Red's Safari Zone.

The second shiny I've caught was a shiny Clefairy in Pokemon Platinum.

And I actually stumbled randomly on one today in White 2's Giant Chasm. A shiny Metang! This last one caught me so off guard (I was merely hunting for a Ditto at the time!) It also was such a pain to catch, but well worth it!
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User Info: LegoGarlicBread

4 years ago#105
My first was an Onix on Crystal but in my noobness, I killed it. The first one I caught was a Hoothoot on Heartgold.
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User Info: Hyrulexplorer

4 years ago#106
Finally caught my first shiny today, a Lunatone in the Giant Chasm. I was so excited.

I don't really ever plan on using it, but it is the first shiny I've seen in years, and definitely the first I've ever caught.

I MAY have seen a shiny in the original Silver, but the game deleted itself years ago, and I don't believe I caught it, and can't check anyways. So, basically my shiny list is:

Lunatone (White 2)

I started with Blue version, though I'll admit I haven't played all the games. Blue, Yellow, Silver, Leaf Green, and White 2 are my mainline games. And at least since Leaf Green, this is the first shiny i've seen.

So yeah, pretty happy.
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User Info: Flareon136

4 years ago#107
That would be a Graveler in Platinum. However, I was borrowing the game from a friend, so that shiny is no more.(Had decent IVs, too.)

Second, the Gyarados in Heartgold.
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User Info: Why_Is_Purple

4 years ago#108
Emerald: Rayquaza
HeartGold: Typhlosion, Gyarados, Ho-Oh
Black: Tyranitar
Black 2: Feebas, Litwick, Haxorus, Gible

The only good-natured ones are the ones that are always shiny. :/
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User Info: MogMoogle1

4 years ago#109
Played for ever, ever since Pokemon first debuted in the states, but my very first shiny that isn't a red Gyarados was Petilil from an egg.
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User Info: Phoenix6000

4 years ago#110

I was messing around in Safari Zone, trying to finish the national dex and I ran into a shiny Spinarak. Caught it on my second attempt.
GT|| Phoenix6000
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