Favorite Pokemon from Each Gen

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User Info: Ardian164

4 years ago#51
Gen 1: Venusaur
Gen 2: Blissey
Gen 3: Slaking
Gen 4: Garchomp
Gen 5: Jellicent
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User Info: megaretro

4 years ago#52
this is my list purely on looks
gen 1:Lickitung or Aerodactyl close to close to call
gen 2:Wobbuffet
gen 3:Sharpedo , Seviper and Spheal
gen 4:Cranidos (come on its a friggin badass dinosaur)
gen 5:Hydreigon and honorable mention Trubbish garbage bag o doom

i think my list of awesome looking pokemon has a lot of evil ones :D

User Info: Mugiloko

4 years ago#53
Gen 1- Arcanine
Gen 2- Tyranitar
Gen 3- Manectric & Milotic
Gen 4- Lucario
Gen 5- Zoroark
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User Info: JohnnyG118

4 years ago#54
Gen I: Starmie
Gen II: Starmie
Gen III: Starmie
Gen IV: Starmie
Gen V: Starmie

User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#55
Mugiloko posted...
Gen 1- Arcanine & Ninetales
Gen 2- Lugia
Gen 3- Manectric & Milotic
Gen 4- Lucario & Glaceon
Gen 5- Zoroark

Fix'd for me.
I don't even know anymore.

User Info: Klockdown

4 years ago#56
Gen 1: Jolteon
Gen 2: Scizor
Gen 3: Flygon
Gen 4: Infernape
Gen 5: Accelgor

User Info: egglink

4 years ago#57
Gen 1: Nidoqueen
Gen 2: Crobat
Gen 3: Mawile
Gen 4: Weavile
Gen 5: Lilligant
Philosophy: Needs more Ice type, and Dragons are the devil.

User Info: OoMooBooBoo

4 years ago#58
Gen 1: Gengar
Gen 2: Teddiursa
Gen 3: Breloom
Gen 4: Staraptor
Gen 5: Vullaby
FC White: 2280-4694-2031

User Info: DeltaKnight

4 years ago#59
Gen I - Dragonair
Gen II - Umbreon
Gen III - Salamence
Gen IV - Bronzong
Gen V - Mienshao
"Only fools fear great failure. It is the small losses that break a man down." -Angelus, Drakengard

User Info: spooky96

4 years ago#60
1: Gengar
2: Ho-Oh or Scizor
3: Sceptile
4: Lucario
5: Hydreigon
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