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User Info: 92bryan

4 years ago#1
Ok so I've already decided my starter will be oshawatt because of the lack of good water pokemon before beating the pokemon league but I need help developing my team I've already decided my fire type will either be darmanitan or arcanine but I need help with a flying and electric type pokemon also I'm thinking of including a dragon type maybe axews final evolved form or hydreigon only he takes to long to acquire and axew can be acquired around level 30

User Info: CharizardFire

4 years ago#2
Flying-type: If you have White 2, go with Braviary. If you have Black 2, I don't have a suggestion.
Electric-type: Electabuzz/Electivire, Magnezone, and Galvantula are good choices. Eelektross is also good, if you don't mind training a Tynamo to Level 39 or waiting until you have 8 badges to catch an Eelektrik.
Dragon: Definitely go with Haxorus. Hydreigon is not a good Pokémon for ingame.
The official Charizard of the Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 boards.

User Info: Ari917

4 years ago#3
Depending on the version, Braviary is a good flying type to have. If not White 2, Sigilyph is a decent choice.

For Electric types, there's Galvantula or Jolteon. Also Magnemite, which is extremely good in this game.

Dragons, go with Haxorus. Hydreigon takes way too long to get to, and you get its preevolution too late for it to be of too much use.

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