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User Info: Defender31415

5 years ago#31
TableFlip posted...
Defender31415 posted...
TableFlip posted...
Defender31415 posted...
Buizel- scream my head off.

That wouldn't be bad because girls would adore you since you're cute.

But... I'd rather have a girl adore me as a human!

Atleast you have a chance with female buizels! ;)

Your sig accurately describes my reaction to that statement.
--- LG Nuzlocke Team: Percy (Blastoise), Sora (Pidgeot), Xena (Primeape), Bronte (Electrode), Eremos (Sandslash), La-Z-Boy (Snorlax)

User Info: Jakerific44

5 years ago#32
Miiverse is amazing. It's like Gamefaqs but without the trolls.

User Info: GMAnthony

5 years ago#33
Whatever Pokémon I become...I wonder if I'm going to end up in a Pokémon Mystery Dungeon plot.

Of course, if I become a Gallade, I'll become my own fancharacter from my colleague's, Cronosonic's, novelization fanfiction of Pokémon MD Red Rescue Team/Blue Rescue Team.
The fourth wall has shattered...
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User Info: allhailbender

5 years ago#34

The things some people say...

User Info: muffin_mans_bro

5 years ago#35
Yamask...so I died...?
Good news everyone! You are now reading this in my voice!

User Info: Zerdark

5 years ago#36
Alakazam. My IQ is over 5000, making me the most intelligent being on the planet. Yeah, I can live with that. Sure I look like a freak and everyone would shun me or experiment on me, but if I were that smart, I wouldn't get caught, or I could manipulate the minds of everyone, making them think I'm just the smartest human.
Official Cave Johnson of the Ace Attorney boards. Wait, I'm not in this game?

User Info: egglink

5 years ago#37
Corsola. Wonderful!
If you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go and be F***ING CORAL!!! *table flip*
Philosophy: Needs more Ice type, and Dragons are the devil.

User Info: xxcheexx

5 years ago#38
Tyrogue. Ooh a future career in MMA when I evolve.
If it's all civilized, you're doing it wrong.
- xsolstice -

User Info: dethwynd

5 years ago#39
Deoxys.... Other

All those tentacles.... I would be a hit in japan P
Pokemon White : 1291 7531 2927

User Info: 91sportsfan

5 years ago#40
I'd have to celebrate in certain fashions since I'd wind up becoming Zoroark
PSN: Carbs91
Evolution IS going in reverse
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