WORST main Pokemon games?

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User Info: Metleon

4 years ago#61
Voted for RSE, but I would have voted for Platinum if it was by itself. RSE took out a few things that were good in GSC, like having day and night exclusives and they had less obtainable Pokemon than in GSC. While the lackeys of the evil team weren't nearly as dumb as they were in DPPt or even BW, the goal of the evil team itself was completely ridiculous, particularly Team Magma's goal. Now RS did introduce whole new mechanics that made competitive Pokemon possible and their Pokemon Contests were by far the best side quest besides Pokeathlon, but that doesn't make up for the other things. Emerald was a bit better, since it actually showed the conflict between Kyogre and Groudon, had a National Pokedex, and had the Battle Frontier.

The reason I would have voted for Platinum if it were by itself is because of all of the "You need to go get this item before I can let you through" and "Oh look over here. You should really be sure to get this item." It's one thing to hand you the items in the story like BW2 did, but it's another to take every single bit of fun out of finding the items yourselves and having a character be a road block whose sole purpose is to make you go out of your way until you find an item you won't actually need for quite a while. And the Move Tutors were overall bad for competitive play as far as I'm concerned. Sure Superpower on things like Honchkrow and Absol was great to give them a way to get past Steel-types, but giving Salamence Outrage was what ended up making it Uber.

Now I do agree with some other things that were bad in the other games. Team Galactic and Team Plasma (BW1 only) were bad because the former had no clue what they were fighting for, the latter had lackeys that went about getting to their ideals the wrong way, and both were blatantly betrayed by their leader. At least Giovanni and the Rockets in GSC only let their team down after they got beaten by a kid numerous times. Also, competitive play was terrible in RBY simply because of the Special stat and Psychic-types utter brokenness. GSC wasn't much better due to Curse+Roar and stall in general. RSE was definitely much better due to Choice Band and the new stat mechanics, but I don't think competitive play really took off until DPPt. They added many more useable items so you weren't restricted to just Leftovers or Choice Band, they added the Physical/Special split, making Pokemon like Gengar and Sneasel actually able to use their STABs, and the Speed tiers were shaken up due to more priority moves and Choice Scarf. Gen 5 didn't really add many useful items but the changes to old moves, new Abilities, and the Dream World were great for competitive play.

As far in-game story stuff goes, I think they've gotten worse since DP and got better up until that point. RBY didn't really have much of a story (Team Rocket wasn't even trying to do anything big besides creating Mewtwo), GSC had Team Rocket trying to come back into power, and RSE had villains who constantly tried to get to an end goal, regardless of the immediate outcome. DPPt also had villains who were constantly getting to an end goal, but in a less clunky way than the RSE villains. I've already said why I think Platinum in-game was bad and BW1 was obviously better than that. BW2 had similar "Go here right now and do this to progress the story." like Pt did (if Colress had just handed you that one device and not told you where the Crustle was, it would have been fine) so they're worse than BW1, IMO.

tl;dr: RS were the worst in most areas, Pt and BW2 either handed you things or told you exactly where to get them, Gen 4 and 5 had good stories, and competitive play has gotten better and better since RBY.
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User Info: Teh_Tiltyu

4 years ago#62
From: Metleon | #061
having day and night exclusives and they had less obtainable Pokemon than in GSC.


day and night exclusives is horrible game design
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User Info: FL81

4 years ago#63
In terms of gameplay mechanics, RBY is easily the worst.

As for actual enjoyment, DPPt.
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User Info: undeadpepsiman

4 years ago#64

The diving quest was one of the biggest pains in pokemon history. Also, it was impossible to get most of the GSP pokemon unless you also had a gamecube until they rereleased the gen 1 games.
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User Info: Kibalnuzuka

4 years ago#65
GRTooCool posted...
Anyone who voted Gen 1 is stupid.

Gen 1 set the tone for Pokemon games to this date. Of course all the other versions have more content and Pokemon as a whole. But still... voting Gen 1? Really? Fail.

Wasn't the question asked in the topic title which were the worst games? Ofcourse Gen 1 was good for it's time, but why would you play R/B/Y if you can get FR/LG which has more content? Aside from the nostalgia.
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User Info: SlimeStack

4 years ago#66
I'm rating it in terms of story, region, characters, music, Pokémon introduced, etc. Because if you rate the actual generation and its graphics/mechanics/etc, then there's less opinion involved and more just facts.

My vote is for RSE.
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User Info: DarkBlueAnt

4 years ago#67
Overall: Red/Blue because it has the least number of Pokemon.

For the time: Gold/Silver. It was neat to go to Kanto, but it just wasn't interesting for me and I hated the new Pokemon designs.

And as for Gen 4 being weak... don't you guys understand how important online is? Maybe the in game story was boring and it added a pretty low number of Pokemon, but the online thing is HUGE.

User Info: Skunkdog1

4 years ago#68
diamond/pearl/platnium is the only correct answer

User Info: KeyBlade999

4 years ago#69
Skunkdog1 posted...
diamond/pearl/platnium is the only correct answer

It's all perspective.

Just because you hated Diamond/Pearl/Platinum more does not mean everyone else does. Don't assume such either - it only makes you look like one of those overentitled people that feel that their opinion is the only real answer and should be law.
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User Info: Teh_Tiltyu

4 years ago#70
From: Skunkdog1 | #068
platnium is the only correct answer

platnium sucked hard

platinum, however, was great
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