WORST main Pokemon games?

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User Info: confessabear

4 years ago#91
IMO, it's a toss-up between Ruby/Sapphire and Diamond/Pearl.
Ruby/Sapphire barely wins because:

*Does away with G/S/C day and night system, and most of the daily/weekly events

* Weak post-game: No gym leader rematches, Elite Four doesn't get stronger, and no post-game rival battle. Battle Tower, S.S. Tidal, Steven's Beldum, the Regis if you haven't caught them, and Latios/Latias were pretty much all there was.

* Raising competitive pokemon was a pain: no nature synchronizing/everstone breeding, no iv breeding,
no EV reducing berries until Emerald.

*Ugly text font

*Worst Pokemon Center theme; it was much better in FR/LG

*Worst rivals, both in personality and pokemon teams; their starter never even reaches their final evolution.

*Were stand-alone games until Pokemon Colosseum and FR/LG arrived in 2004.
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User Info: LightningKimba

4 years ago#92
Each Pokémon game has their own theme related to what they wanted to achieve as a goal.

To vote for RBY, you would saying that its foundation is the worst compared to all achivements compared to the game's after it. It started the game series and actually took a risk to be even released. Yes, the game had plenty of glitches, and also oversights such as the Special stat, but that didn't mean the game sold poorly at all, in fact, people were in a fever pitch for the series, it carried itself into being a phenomeon for years.

GSC wanted to be a sequel, and put forth many sorts of new mechanics, more than any other generation has given. It continues the story of Team Rocket whom, without the leadership of Giovanni by their wings, resorted to more menial tasks to keep the terror of their name, all for the fact that they truly wanted their boss back, and kick ass again. Aww yeah. (Also for you people who think Whitney's Miltank is too hard for other trainers? Please quit being awful at the game. Honestly.) The idea they had of bringing back Kanto on PAPER was good, but they also did not have a lot of data to keep it up to date like in the previous games. A nice sentiment, though was held back by data limitations. It is also the same generation that brought the Battle Tower to us, Move Tutors, Dark and Steel types, the special split, and the Day/Night system. What holds it back, aside from its limit on the data it has available, its the odd pattern of where mons are located, and how half of the new Johto additions are unavailable until after the game is complete.

RSE wanted to change the overall system the previous Game Boy games used, making trading between them incompatible (Even hardware limits made this impossible!), in favor of a reboot. Note that Ruby and Sapphire are red and blue (Yes in Japan the first games are Red and Green, there's still a green in this generation). The theme of this generation is duality. Volbeat and Illumise. Plusle and Minun. Team Magma and Aqua. The Land and Sea. It's all about twins, in fact, this generation is still the only one with a Double Battle gym as a gimmick! While the Day/Night system was removed, the GBA could handle out-of-battle weather events such as high sun, rain, cloudy weather, and still contained the time system. In fact, you can grow the berries GSC had, and also make secret bases too. How creative. This is also the generation wherein the Pokemon hype was dwindling down for a time, not to be reinvigorated until the release of Hg/Ss, fondly remembered by the fandom. This generation also brought with it Pokerus to speed up EV gathering, heck yeah.

4th Generation, the Generation to go into the 3D plane, with higher-resolution sprites, more space-like legendaries in its path, and a large amount of callbacks to older games. In this generation, we have Team Galactic, a cultist team with parallels to most Saturday morning cartoons wherein its leader, Cyrus, wants to take over the world. ... Well, make it a world without spirit, 'cause he's totally nihilistic and thinks people suck. As well as with 3rd Gen, this generation brought along with it several legendaries, though it can be argued with the vast amount of mons in the series, the amount of legendaries really isn't too much, just that the games are giving you more things to explore and find. In fact, Sinnoh has the Underground to play around in to make and get fossils and trade spheres with friends! What a hootenany.

And now we have the present, the Black and White series. Another reboot, but this time with over 150 mons to start off with, some mons having similar traits to other ones in the past. Rivals being compared to two different trainer idealogies, a new "King" who seeks to be Champion and wants to challenge his truth/idea with you. It brought infinite-use TMs, badges aren't tied with HMs, and insofar has not had a Battle Frontier similar to non-Kanto series.
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User Info: Tyranidomega

4 years ago#93
BloodlustSweden posted...
Anyone who says Gen1&2 is the worst can't have played the games when they were new/popular/actual

My very first Pokemon game was Red, and even though I'm not voting this poll I can see where the people who vote Gen1&2(especially Gen1) are coming from. Nostalgia/being the first games shouldn't grant a free pass, ESPECIALLY if they are compared to later games. Gen1&2 WERE great for their time.
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User Info: Teh_Tiltyu

4 years ago#94
From: confessabear | #091
Does away with G/S/C day and night system

why do people say this is bad

day and night is a horrible limiting concept that needs to go die in a fire

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User Info: AuroraSonicBeam

4 years ago#95
carlsjos posted...
RSE has the best music out of all of them...it should not be getting this many votes.

because people play video games just for the music.
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User Info: Vycoul

4 years ago#96
Teh_Tiltyu posted...

day and night is a horrible limiting concept that needs to go die in a fire


...Can you really never play after 6 pm?

User Info: Teh_Tiltyu

4 years ago#97
From: Vycoul | #096
Teh_Tiltyu posted...

day and night is a horrible limiting concept that needs to go die in a fire


...Can you really never play after 6 pm?

someone could easily be busy doing real life things

it happens you know
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User Info: Rose_Mage

4 years ago#98
RSE. I still like them.
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User Info: kenobi749

4 years ago#99
To all of you who voted for RBY: You do realize that if it wasn't for these games and their successes that there would be no Pokemon right? Give credit where credit is due

User Info: TherianReturns

4 years ago#100
They're all good games, stop trying to start something...

..wait, too late
Let me make this crystal clear; Ruby and Sapphire remakes are coming this generation (gen 5). Get the hell over it.
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