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User Info: Gardevoir47

4 years ago#11
MrFingers fingered me.
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User Info: wutzgood

4 years ago#12
MrFingers07 posted...
The topics I linked were discussions about the OU suspect round from early-mid 2011. Both topics reaching 300+ posts so people were really discussing it. I wish this topic could be like that, where we would just talk about our experience of the ladder, our opinion of the suspect, or what do we want banned. Things like that.

You have to stay on smogon site to get those kinds of discussions. Here at gamefaqs any discussion about smogon ends up being a fight about how great/terrible the tiers are. Plus not everyone here uses their tiers.
I'm calling you an elitist, but I'm just gonna go ahead and leave a snooty remark as I go. I am wutz good
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