Can someone explain how truth and ideals are contradictory?

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  3. Can someone explain how truth and ideals are contradictory?

User Info: mralpha543

4 years ago#11
Ari917 posted...
I always thought of it like the science vs. religion debate. Science is what we use to find out the facts of the world and better understand it and because of that we desire to learn more and continue to poke and prod until we learn it. However, like pure science, just going by pure facts without trying to emotionally attach yourself to the world around you is bad since it can lead to people doing terrible things to find out more, essentially as what Changlini said: ignoring what's right for what is neccessary. Hell, there are numerous villains that fill this mold, such as Mr. Tucker (FMA) and Izuka (FE:RD).

Similarly, like religion, ideals are your morals and beliefs, what you strongly stick to because they give you a since of what is morally right and what is morally apprehensible. However, pure ideals are also bad because if you just completely ignore the facts of the world and stick to your beliefs, you're going to lead yourself down a dark path of ignorance, prejudice and destruction. Again, numerous villains fill this mold of following their beliefs and ambitions to the point of turning to evil like the Church in RE4 and some of the senators in FE10.

Both together however can hypothetically lead to a more balanced person. Someone who's in tune with their beliefs but can see the truth in the world is most likely bound to lead themselves and others down a road of prosperity. Also, they can understand how much you can do with your knowledge before you do something reprehensive.

A better connection would've been Hitler as not everyone knows those villains...
Hitler thought everyone should be and look one way and anyone who wasn't should die.
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User Info: SalsaSavant

4 years ago#12
They are and they aren't contradictery.
Sometimes an idealist may ignore the truth to achieve a world he believes is good. A realist will often discard ideals in favor of how he knows the world is.

N sought the TRUTH of Pokemon being abused and the IDEAL of a separate world for Pokemon.

The player believed in the TRUTH that Pokemon and humans are great companions and friends, and the IDEAL of a world where they can live together.

Both the players and N's beliefs seem to contradict, but they're both true.

Truth and ideals seem to be things that get in each others way, but are really things that AREN'T contradictory and can co-exist.
They're Yin-Yang. You can't have one without the other, and there's a little of the other on both sides.
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  3. Can someone explain how truth and ideals are contradictory?

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