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User Info: The_Sol_Blader

4 years ago#81
From: Checkmate88 | #079
Then you have no soul.

I am fully aware of that. Hey, it's great, I don't have anything that will go to hell when I die!

Try this instead.


On second though, I think I also can't stand the song, like, at all

From: MegaWentEvil | #080
Then try this for love, The_Sol_Blader:

Calumon shall win!

Well that brings memories...

But I also, guess.... hate Digimon! Specially that thing
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User Info: Checkmate88

4 years ago#82
Nobody can hate the grumpy cat.

It's like, not even possible.
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User Info: Rose_Mage

4 years ago#83
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User Info: Probit_Return

4 years ago#84
lord_chao posted...
Probit_Return posted...

That's okay. We'll call this a draw.

Also, I apologize for offending you.

I accept your apology, despite being full of hate.

I accept that you are full of hate. For that, I offer you some more hate, as a gift for our accepting of each other for who we are.

Warning. Language and stuff. Lots of it.

MegaWentEvil posted...
Then try this for love, The_Sol_Blader:

Calumon shall win!

Daw, Calumon, you have absolutely nothing to do with why Tamers is my favorite season of Digimon, but you're still adorable.
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User Info: FL81

4 years ago#85
why this is a bad idea

User Info: leadintea

4 years ago#86
From: Storm_Walker | #068
HHDeception posted...
You guys have to realize that pokemon is crazily idealistic enough to make a love type. If I called it "light type" though, people would jump down my throat with "FIGHTING IS LIGHT" and etc. Guess I can't win

I see a problem with that move list, most of them aren't direct damage dealers. It's not very well-rounded. A pure "love" type pokemon is almost a pacifist, and that's no way to win battles. Maybe if "love" types were always multi-typed it could work; because even love can inspire strength and justifiably violent acts.

User Info: wind64a

4 years ago#87
Mistress_Zelda_ posted...
wind64a posted...
Ugh heavy metal. I'll listen to things that don't give me a headache after a few seconds.

I agree. Heavy metal hurts my ears and head. To me, it's just a bunch of cacophony that doesn't seem to mean anything except...being cacophony. But that's just my opinion. People can go ahead and like it if they wish. I won't stop them. :)

I like Classical music and Broadway the most and I'm pretty sure the vast majority of people hate those things. XD We all have different tastes~

I like Classical and Broadway too. Swing, Jazz(older Jazz to be precise), and Blues can also be pretty fun. Classic rock music bands like Queen have some really fun songs too. I once saw a Las Vegas musical that only used songs written by Queen. It was fun.
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User Info: CosmoKramer4700

4 years ago#88
Gutalala Sudalala
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User Info: Checkmate88

4 years ago#89
wind64a posted...
Blues can also be pretty fun.
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User Info: MalkyeaImbak

4 years ago#90
why would ice be super effective against love? and why would ice it resist love?

I get that people want ice to get more walls and such but don't just throw out nonsense other than that im fine with this type i suppose

also i'd say maybe love should resist fighting but not be immune to it I agree poison being super effective against love

the rest is cool..maybe dark should be super effective against love but also be weak to love..unless they make a real dark type (like evil not dishonest)

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