I used Flash on the champion.

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User Info: Mistress_Zelda_

4 years ago#391
Cpt_Calamity posted...
The Skyward Sword board was where I started posting regularly on Gamefaqs. Of course, that was years before the game actually came out. Now I don't even post there really.

And of course I'll be your friend. Anyone who plays Earthbound = amazing.

Really? I didn't know that. So you were there before the whining and arguing started? >.<

And yes! We Earthbound fans have to stick together like a Jar of Fly Honey, right? ;)
Dancing bears, painted wings, things I almost remember,
And a song someone sings, once upon a December.

User Info: Cpt_Calamity

4 years ago#392
Yep, I started GFaqs on Zelda boards. I first started posting about four years ago, on the OoT and MM boards. Then I heard about a new Zelda for the Wii, so I started posting on the SS board. And I was posting on OoT3D since day one, but I left when that game was released.

And yeah lol, like Fly Honey.
I throw s*** at fans.
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