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User Info: Sephirotht

5 years ago#31
TC, I must congratulate on having good taste.
But remember, I'm the no.1 fan of Ninetales here.
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User Info: SlashReturns

5 years ago#32
*rides atop a Steelix* Welcome! A hearty greeting from Steelix and I!
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User Info: Dragon5555DDU

5 years ago#33
Dragonite has been my fav ever since I was a kid. Anyway, sometimes it's better to lurk around and not post here. Even then though...
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User Info: Nidhogg151

5 years ago#34
BritneySpears81 posted...
Quote button :D

KyrieIrving posted...
I like Britney Spears. Do you like Britney Spears?

And my favorite Pokemon is Sandslash.

I love Britney Spears!

TheNargacuga posted...

Where do you live?


Are most people on the board like this? Is this why people were warning me? Maybe I should have listened...

kirbydude385 posted...

That's certainly the question isn't it.

*drinks blood from an orphan's skull*


dwdwdw6 posted...
Hi. Welcome to the showw, please come inside.

Thanks! I don't know if I'll stay though, some of the messages here are already creeping me out...

You're getting trolled for the most part. Not everyone here is bad, but you need a thicker skin here than most websites, but it's not the worst. If you stick around the boards you'll figure out who's a troll, who's nice, who gives out good info, etc.

Also to respond to your earlier question, you can edit a post by clicking the "message detail" button and there should be an option there. Though if you have recently made your account you might not be able to yet, and you probably have a limit to how many posts you can post, which I think lasts a few days.

And finally, to answer the question. I have a lot of Pokemon that I like, but top ones for me would probably be Toxicroak, Glaceon, Politoed, Typhlosion, Archen and Gastrodon has been growing on me lately. I wouldn't use all those competitively, but I like some for looks/concept, some for the way they play in game, and some for both.
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