How do you feel about Challenge/Assist mode being post game/Ir unlock only

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User Info: Ziterenkoy

4 years ago#11
If trollfreak could they would only put unova pokemon ingame and charge 1$ for every other pokemon as DLC. They would even go far as you cant complete the game without having the opposite version.

Dem moneyz.
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User Info: Plasma EXE

Plasma EXE
4 years ago#12
Regardless of Pokemon having the principles of interacting with other people, it's dumb that the modes would be implemented only after you beat the game. You can't help your friend with assist mode or challenge mode if you haven't beaten the game.
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User Info: Paromin

4 years ago#13
If challenge mode was actually hard and assist mode was... okay assist mode in Pokemon is just stupid period, then maybe I'd care a lot more. Sure the idea that someone else needs to finish their game is just poor design. But it really is insignificant to how crappy of a challenge Challenge mode is and how useless Assist mode is.
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User Info: ThatGuyZ

4 years ago#14
Honestly, I couldn't care.

For starters, there's an EASY Mode which makes opponents weaker for one version, while the other only forces you to grind even more and pretend that you actually have to try because of the level buffs aside from the CPU still being quite gimped...

I like Challenge Mode as more of Post-game option than in-game, simply because that would only require me to grind even more due to the fact my opponents are always a number of levels (usually 5-7, IIRC) ahead of me, which isn't really challenging difficulty, more or less a context of fake difficulty until you reach the end of the game where you face stronger mons.

Some people are angry about it, it was up to the choice of GF. That's how they roll, das how dey troll.
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User Info: CharizardFire

4 years ago#15
It's dumb, but I don't care that much, since my brother has Black 2 and I have White 2.
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User Info: KeyBlade999

4 years ago#16
Agreed with TC.
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User Info: Rose_Mage

4 years ago#17
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User Info: Grand Kirby

Grand Kirby
4 years ago#18
It's a really dumb idea, but I also don't really care. A lot of people make a big deal out of it, but Challenge mode is worthless. There's still no challenge in it.
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User Info: wheeling_gamer

4 years ago#19
I didn't think it was too dumb, considering I have both verisons. Trading with prequels on the other hand...

To anyone who says Challenge Mode is easy try doing it with a full team, even levels, and no grinding at all...
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User Info: iDefinition

4 years ago#20
Use AR to unlock the codes. gg trollfreak.
Kind of a bummer if you can't though.
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