So you made a deal to be immortal...

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User Info: Natwaf_akidna

4 years ago#21

My Little Phineas and Ferb: Summer is Magic!
Aww, I lost to SuperNiceDog, Winner of the Rivalry Rumble Guru Contest

User Info: hereforemnant

4 years ago#22
Darkrai, hell yeah.

The wiki's may say that the nightmares are a defense mechanism and not an intent of ill will, but i will very much enjoy being evil. Muhahahaha.
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User Info: mralpha543

4 years ago#23
Gorebyss.. Hmm...
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User Info: Offworlder1

4 years ago#24
Got Kingler, I like that pokemon so I'd be fine, wish it were Krabby so I could help it evolve into a Kingler though.
"Always two there are, a master and an apprentice"

User Info: RiKuToTheMiGhtY

4 years ago#25
I've seen something this before, as for me I got a good one, #282 Gardevoir, psychic pokemon FTW. - We Press Forward. . . By Pressing Back.

User Info: K_M_N_H_

4 years ago#26
Got a Ralts. Not too bad.
Offical Lapras of the Pokemon Black 2 Board

User Info: Octaivian_Rex

4 years ago#27
Unown. Alright, it's only one. Should be pretty easy to deal with.

User Info: MegaWentEvil

4 years ago#28
Spheal. Deal, it's cute.

He died of cancer...which caused bullet wounds to appear on his body.

WTF? Cancer doesn't do that.
The chosen one.

User Info: Zabie_W

4 years ago#29
Lapras, I'm cool with that.

User Info: ZeroManArmy

4 years ago#30
#375 - Metang
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  3. So you made a deal to be immortal...

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