Do you prefer male or female pokemon?

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User Info: CharizardFire

5 years ago#31
From: AugustDreaming | #025
I'm one of those people who picks the gender that suits the Pokemon.

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User Info: ares9090

5 years ago#32
Male for non-DW ability, Female for DW ability, I can not vote
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User Info: gopack24

5 years ago#33
For breeding obviously I use males for moves and females for DW nature.

But outside of that, I honestly have no care. I'll catch something and use it.
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User Info: Meta289

5 years ago#34
I don't care. Not even for specific Pokemon.
The Pokemon Cycle. Don't deny its existence.

User Info: Rose_Mage

5 years ago#35
Gender does not matter. I just want to catch and train them.
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  3. Do you prefer male or female pokemon?

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