Think of a Player Character from the last game you played...

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User Info: master_of_rofl

5 years ago#1
They are now fighting a Pokemon...

Who fighting who and who wins?
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User Info: NaughtyGhost

5 years ago#2
Jason Brody vs Drifloon.

Brody takes this. Hopefully without the use of dubstep, but either way.
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User Info: hodelino

5 years ago#3
Jin from Tekken Vs Staraptor!!

R.I.P Staraptor!!
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User Info: ShenanigansMan2

5 years ago#4
Yoshi versus Lickilicky

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User Info: CheckmateD1

5 years ago#5
Hilda fighting a Marshtomp ............

That sounds like kind of a close fight.

User Info: glitchunter75

5 years ago#6
Maxwell from Scribblenauts vs. a Crustle.

Easily Maxwell. Given that notebook of his can spawn just about anything, any Pokemon short of a legendary would put up much of a fight.
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User Info: TableFlip

5 years ago#7
Lucario(from smash bros) vs. Latias.

Lame normal OU battle.
I don't even know anymore.

User Info: FuzzyJello

5 years ago#8
Zero (MMX) vs Scrafty. The reploid has it. Would want to see that.

User Info: ThatKipp

5 years ago#9
Django from Boktai versus Cobalion. They're both heroic, they would just compromise to fight evil together or something.
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User Info: CrystalKing5426

5 years ago#10
Solid Snake vs. Umbreon. Pretty evenly matched, actually. Umbreon is very defensive so he can't kill Snake instantly or do much at all, but that also means Snake's weapons won't do much damage and Umbreon can heal with Moonlight or use Snatch to steal the effects of Rations or other items. More of a stalemate, really.
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  3. Think of a Player Character from the last game you played...

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