Who was your first lv. 100?

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User Info: mudkip72

4 years ago#161
Swampert in Sapphire

User Info: neoblue107

4 years ago#162
Dodrio in Leafgreen.

...Don't ask me why I trained a Dodrio, because I have no idea. >_>

User Info: Jamar95

4 years ago#163
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User Info: pokemonfreak97

4 years ago#164
Blaziken in Sapphire, as a result of a young child's near-infinite attention span when it comes to video games and also their complete inability to beat the Elite 4.

In Sapphire.

With a Level 100 Blaziken.

Not to mention a Kyogre that was high enough of a level to learn WATER SPOUT.

I swear, my incompetence was astounding.
I hack life.
Got a Wii U launch night!

User Info: Lionheart358

4 years ago#165
Feraligator in Gold.
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User Info: Zhacarias

4 years ago#166
Wobbuffet. BITE ME.

User Info: lighting_deity

4 years ago#167
dragonite, gold
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