Who was your first lv. 100?

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User Info: DutchAngel9

4 years ago#31
I had a lot of lvl 100 Pokémon on Gold (Thank you, duplication glitch!), but I believe Typhlosion was the first I trained to 100.

User Info: Meguel13

4 years ago#32
Blaziken - Saphire
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User Info: Maximoom

4 years ago#33
pikachu in yellow or blastoise in blue, cant remember.

User Info: Blondie425

4 years ago#34
Pokemon Blue. My dear, dear Venusaur.
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User Info: Pearlshipperluv

4 years ago#35
Clafable in Pokemon Yellow Version.
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User Info: xTreefiddy350x

4 years ago#36
DaHolyMan666 posted...
Pikachu -Pokemon Yellow


User Info: Slashkillah

4 years ago#37
Mewtwo in Yellow

User Info: ultimateluigi98

4 years ago#38
A Pidgeot in Yellow that later got stolen... I think it still had Gust.
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User Info: Fulvip

4 years ago#39
Blastoise on Blue.
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User Info: KingCrInuYasha

4 years ago#40
I don't remember. I do remembet my first Lv100 team in Yellow:

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