Who was your first lv. 100?

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User Info: kos12

4 years ago#71
same as you TC.
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User Info: Limbic

4 years ago#72
Mewtwo, Blue
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User Info: Grand Kirby

Grand Kirby
4 years ago#73
Okay, I rolled a 14. What's that mean? Hsu
That you're a cheater. This is a 12-sided die. Chan

User Info: Funkymoonpie

4 years ago#74
Pkmn Red, Charizard. RAAAAAAR
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User Info: MovesLikeJabba

4 years ago#75
In order:
Sceptile in Ruby,
than Breloom (from Ruby, transfered to Soul Silver),
next was Typhlosion in Soul Silver.

They are now all in Black and Black 2.

Others were trades.
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User Info: BluntGrunt

4 years ago#76
Blastoise in Red.

User Info: xXDeadWulfXx

4 years ago#77
Flareon. I replaced my Charizard with her in Fire Red when I got her.
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User Info: Brandon042487

4 years ago#78
Gen 1- Blastoise and Arcanine
Gen 2- Typlosion and Magneton
Gen 5- Emboar
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User Info: Kibalnuzuka

4 years ago#79
Lanturn, Heartgold
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User Info: Cucumberflant

4 years ago#80
Only non-rare-candy-glitch pokemon I had at 100 were a Blaziken and a Sableye in Ruby (traded for both), not sure which got there first.
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