What was your first legitimate shiny?

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User Info: CyberWhiteTiger

4 years ago#121
Not counting Scripted shinies or the odd egg then my first shiny is Skarmory i hatched it in 3rd gen so a 1/8192 chance one. I still remember being in shock for a few minutes before moving and showing my brother (who had just gotten pokerus in one of his 3rd gen games) what i had just hatched.
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User Info: hodelino

4 years ago#122
Nidoran female!
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User Info: Pooo869

4 years ago#123
roselia in Diamond, i s**t a brick and ran around the house for five minutes and caught it, then i started my shiny collection..... hurhurhur <---Ped laugh
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User Info: AgentPanther

4 years ago#124
In FireRed, I encountered a shiny Chansey AND shiny Doduo... both ran away >_<

Finally, in White 2, I caught a shiny Spheal. =)
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User Info: neu0066

4 years ago#125
It was a Magikarp in Ruby, after I was searching for the dang Feebas for HOURS.
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User Info: MrBubble

4 years ago#126
Golbat in Cerulean Cave in SoulSilver.

User Info: Amesang

4 years ago#127
I can't remember what the first shiny I had caught was, but the first one I had seen was a Beedrill in the Silver Bug Catching Contest. It ran away. ='(

That same game saw me eventually catch a shiny Larvitar which I foolishly traded away (dur, because I already own a Larvitar, dur!). So I don't remember what came between.

EDIT: I forgot to add that I saw that Beedrill while playing on the original GameBoy.
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User Info: KaizoVorna

4 years ago#128
Shiny Butterfree was my first. Silver, I believe. Then I found a Raticate in the same game. Being a naive little kid, I made a PC Box dedicated to my found shinies thinking that they weren't THAT rare...

...My next Non-Evented Shiny was about 10 years later, a shiny Klink in Black 2 after finally getting the Shiny Charm. I seem to have knack for finding Shinies of Pokémon that I dislike in general. Until I found a Shiny Litwick half a week later, that is! He's a cool new Chandelure I like to call Pyro Pyro Jack for his coloration now. =-)
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User Info: jmtl

4 years ago#129
In the Safari Zone in LeafGreen, I caught a shiny Nidoran Female. Considering that I could not use Master Balls, it was lucky that it stayed in the Safari Ball.
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User Info: saintjoseph52

4 years ago#130
I got 2 shiny's on my birthday when I was 17 or 18 in Sapphire or Ruby(I have had both)

One was medicham (useless)
and the other was some random pokemon
I would never use like linoone or Mawille
or Zangoose
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