What was your first legitimate shiny?

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User Info: aura3848

5 years ago#61
Emerald: Aron
Heart Gold: Tangela
Steam ID: Zombehfication (currently: The Doctor)
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User Info: makedounia

5 years ago#62
Purple Drowzee in my crystal

User Info: AmephEstMako

5 years ago#63
Actually hatched a shiny Rotom in Diamond.
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User Info: Skul_

5 years ago#64
Elektrike, in emerald, on my way to gym number three.
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User Info: nerowolf777

5 years ago#65
Crystal- didnt realise that putting two pokemon in the daycare resulted in an egg being young and naive so i had a butterfy i was lazy training in there with something else (i cant remember now) but got an egg confused i walked around and hatched to find a sweet sweet golden caterpie.
Didnt get any more until black around where you find kyruem and found a shiny piloswine

User Info: stellarcemetery

5 years ago#66
Rhydon in silver.
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User Info: Robot_Soopa

5 years ago#67
Gold Swablu.

Never evolved it because at that point I wasn't sure how shinies worked and if it would keep the abnormal color when evolved.

User Info: Hellraiser234

5 years ago#68
Zubat in Pearl. I evolved her into a Crobat, and she brought me some pretty lengthy win streaks in Battle Tower (Teamed with Scyther and Houndoom). She is currently level 84, and sits in a PC Box in Black Version, waiting to be called on again.
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User Info: double_O7

5 years ago#69
First I saw was a Kadabra in Silver.

First I caught was a Hoppip in FireRed :P
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User Info: dragon_claw12

5 years ago#70

Elite Official Blaziken Of The B/W Clan.
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