It's Christmas eve

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User Info: uuurrrggh

4 years ago#11

...It's a wind-up -___-
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User Info: Mollyford25

4 years ago#12
Cherubi.. yes i love cherrium<3<3<3
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User Info: Zekrix

4 years ago#13
Sandslash. Not bad, would make a great partner Pokemon for me ^_^

User Info: infinitexx

4 years ago#14
Mugiloko posted...
Liar. Today isn't christmas eve >:(


Also, Mewtwo, which sounds good and all, until he goes evil on me.
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User Info: -Zeke-

4 years ago#15

Somebody wanna change?
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User Info: TriforceKeyblad

4 years ago#16
Growlithe . . . so my quest for a fire stone begins.
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User Info: GlitterGuns

4 years ago#17

Ew, re-gift it.

User Info: KatyMSM

4 years ago#18

Uh, thanks?
Game:"Skitty gained 1337 exp. points!" Me: O_o

User Info: Pendragon71037

4 years ago#19
Teddiursa. But I already has a teddy bear! *_*
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User Info: Aladdin2557

4 years ago#20

Anybody want to trade?
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