What you caught with your very first master ball ever.

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User Info: MrZeldaNerd

5 years ago#121
moltres for me when i was going to beat the elite four and i catch moltres everytime with it just to get him out of the way and i catch zapdos with a great ball articuno with a ultra and mewtwo with a ultra. and i have done it the same everytime
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User Info: Vycoul

5 years ago#122
Hmm... It's been way too long.
Though, I suspect it may have been Mewtwo back in RBY. My big bro probably told me not to use it on anything else.
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User Info: Pro_Tactician

5 years ago#123
Articuno, yellow.

User Info: Moogle_trainer

5 years ago#124
Articuno for me. Used it and my Charizard alone in my pokemon red playthrough.
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5 years ago#125
Ho-oh in gold

User Info: Quadrata

5 years ago#126
.......... it was a Ditto........ in Blue.....

User Info: HyrenFlavored

5 years ago#127
A ditto. As I was a kid at the time I didn't know what a percentage was. So when the description said "You can use this to catch pokemon 100% of the time!" I thought it meant you could catch 100 pokemone with it.

User Info: Spyderman

5 years ago#128
Articuno in Pokemon Blue.

User Info: TwoBits54

5 years ago#129
I like how everyone caught Mewtwo or the legendary birds when, with my first Master Ball, I caught a level 32 Nidorina. Simply because I didn't know what a Master Ball did at the time and I didn't know it was a one time per playthrough item.

So I purposfully used mine on a level 32 Nidorina.
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User Info: cdog21

5 years ago#130
Mugiloko posted...
Mewtwo on RBY.

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