So what will the Jan 8th announcement NOT be?

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User Info: KeeperOfShadows

4 years ago#11
GameFreak no longer cares about money, and are halting pokemon franchise.

Also, a final event for the Original Dragon. It will come as an Egg, and contracts Pokerus upon hatching. Always perfect IVs, pure Dragon typing, with a BST of 1200 (200 in each)

Now you know...
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User Info: GRTooCool

4 years ago#12
Pokemon Puzzle League. Unova Edition.


I love me some Puzzle League.
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User Info: blue_hedgehog

4 years ago#13
Pokemon Dash U
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User Info: Saintpara

4 years ago#14
Marvel vs. Capcom vs. Pokemon: Fate of Three Worlds now!

Featuring Mewtwo; Herald of Galactus, and Pikachu with a 900% X-Factor.
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User Info: Roobitysu

4 years ago#15
Anything other than a new Wii-U game called "Pikachu Goes On a Picnic"
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User Info: super_taco_ftw

4 years ago#16
The next pokemon game will feature Genghis Kahn (voiced by Morgan Freeman) as the protagonist, fighting against the communist regime of Mecha Rombama, Team Plasma's fusion of Obama, Romney, and Trubbish. The game will revolve around a trio of legendary substances, Alcorral(Water/Poison), Elesdee (Psychic/Poison), and Canabeast (Grass/Poison).
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User Info: makedounia

4 years ago#17
FuneralCake posted...
RS remakes.

User Info: Asemu_Asuno

4 years ago#18
TherianReturns posted...
Anything relating to gen 6, because it's too early

ONE more 5th gen game is coming, get over it

Can I please quote you on this in six days time?

User Info: Helban

4 years ago#19
Pokemon MMO (though it could be fun if done right and is free to play).

User Info: Human-Bean

4 years ago#20
Mario and Luigi RPG
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  3. So what will the Jan 8th announcement NOT be?

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