Your sad shiny Pokemon stories?

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User Info: LordNobunaga

5 years ago#1
I remember one time in HG I encountered a shiny Metapod when all I had was a Totodile twice it's level and had 2 pokeballs. First throw failed so I reluctantly attack, and predictably, I get a crit and OHKO it.

In Black, I meet a shiny Mienfoo in Victory Road. Not knowing its moveset, I try to burn it and use a dusk ball when it's health was low enough. When it gets to yellow health, it jump kicks and misses, losing the remainder of its health. All this time inbetween it only used the other 3 moves. If I had known about jump kick, I'd have chucked my master ball at it immediately.

What are your shiny sob stories, if any?
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User Info: DKU_Arich

5 years ago#2
I decided to EV train my Totodile in the first grass when I first got HeartGold.

Everything went well... that is, until I ran into a shiny Pidgey and had nothing to catch it with :(

User Info: Alexichu

5 years ago#3
Camr across a Shiny Ponyta while levelling on Soul Silver. Used a move I knew wouldn't kill but lower its health to a 1/4 only to get a crit and made it faint. I was so annoyed I didn't play the game again for 2 months.
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User Info: Missingno_Mastr

5 years ago#4
First Shiny I ever found that wasn't Gyarados? Zigzagoon in Ruby. Riiiiight after I run out of Poke Balls trying to catch a stupid Manectric.

Caught a Shiny Zigzagoon early on in Sapphire. Forgot all about it until after I had saved over that file.

Shiny Ditto in Gold. Ran out of Poke Balls in the attempt and had to watch it Struggle itself to death because I couldn't bring myself to KO it.

Shiny Crawdaunt in Ruby. In the Battle Tower. Yeah.

Shiny Ekans in HeartGold. In the Safari Zone. Need I say more?

User Info: Mistress_Zelda_

5 years ago#5
Chaining Ralts in Platinum. Get a shiny one, it's male but I catch it. Come across a female. I try to chat it and it breaks out. Then it uses TELEPORT. Not only escaping but breaking my chain. I was so sad. ;-;

Also, I chained a shiny Sneasel for a good friend. It took me a while but I wanted to do this for her. So I find one and trade it to her. A few weeks later I asked her how it was doing and she says, "Oh I erased that game and started a new one."

My face: -_-
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User Info: jmtl

5 years ago#6
In Leaf Green, I encountered a shiny Pidgey before Professor Oak gave me the Pokedex and Pokeballs. I should have thrown a rock at it to make it faint, but knowing my luck, I'd probably hit a Spearow.
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User Info: MovesLikeJabba

5 years ago#7
My sad shiny story, the fact I have never found a single shiny ever... except programmed ones.
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User Info: TriforceKeyblad

5 years ago#8
Three years ago when I hadn't found a single shiny pokemon, my little brother came up to me and said, "This ponyta looks weird, what's wrong with it?" Of course, it was shiny and I told him to catch it right away, he did so successfully. Six months later after the release of HG/SS, I have still yet to find a shiny, my brother tells me, "Sweet! I just caught a shiny rattata!" Why did my brother get all of the luck?
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User Info: spooky96

5 years ago#9
Nothing sad really, only got a shiny once, a Zubat and caught it. Strange thing is that I got Pokerus 3-4 times.

User Info: ChackNorris7

5 years ago#10
MovesLikeJabba posted...
My sad shiny story, the fact I have never found a single shiny ever... except programmed ones.
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