Your sad shiny Pokemon stories?

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User Info: zxqqxz

5 years ago#21
I was looking for a Chansey in the Safari Zone from LG, and a shiny Venomoth appears.

Now who can tell me how this story ends?
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User Info: XWolfO

5 years ago#22
The only sad thing was when I killed that one shiny Ditto that I was trying to find for an hour. From that moment on I started to hate shiny Pokemon.
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User Info: Pretztailfan95

5 years ago#23
In Emerald, I was soft resetting for a shiny Treecko (yes I knew the RNG was broken for that game). I got one. But it had a Naughty nature. That's like the worst possible for Treecko (or so I was told). After thinking about it, I decided to give it up. If I'm going to get a shiny, I don't want it sitting in the PC box because of poor stats. The funny part was that I got it three times thanks to the broken RNG.
Also one of those soft resets made the wild Zigzagoon shiny. And we all know you can't catch that Zigzagoon.

In White 2, I encountered a shiny Zebstrika. I wasn't really paying attention to the game when I got into the battle, so when I looked at the screen and saw it was purple, I was just like "holy crap that's a shiny". I ended up making it faint by accident.

User Info: RAPTall1

5 years ago#24
My sad story is that I also have never found a random shiny :-(
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User Info: silverjace

5 years ago#25
ChackNorris7 posted...
MovesLikeJabba posted...
My sad shiny story, the fact I have never found a single shiny ever... except programmed ones.

User Info: Polimario

5 years ago#26

I let my sister play it long ago. She encountered a Shiny Electrike. She comes and shows me. We try and catch it, only to discover that my sister didn't have any Pokéballs to catch the thing with.
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User Info: Achana

5 years ago#27
I spent three hours chaining Delibird with the Pokeradar (six if you count the nap I took halfway through), and when I finally got a shiny one, I decided to whittle its health down instead of just chucking Quick Balls or even one of the three Master Balls I had... Turned out that Chatot and Fly is a much stronger combo than I had thought. The Delibird was knocked out in one hit, and the chain broke a few battles later (as I didn't know that there was a limit on how high you can raise the chances). It's now my mission to give every Chatot I catch an insulting and vulgar nickname.

Also, I ran into a shiny Nosepass in one of the battle locations (Battle Castle?) in Platinum. Given that this was my fear from the day I started entering battle locations, I now avoid them as much as possible. I have the battle video of it saved, too, although I haven't uploaded it to the servers in years.

And this one's less sad and more pathetic: I was once a stupid kid who paid a "friend" ten bucks a pop for some shiny Pokemon that, looking back, were blatantly cheated for. I even fell for a lie he told me about how if you beat Pokemon Colosseum and its Mt. Battle in twenty-four hours, you get Rainbow Water that turns all Pokemon shiny. Ultimately I ended up giving him fifty dollars. (And then he took back one of the Pokemon when he was borrowing my cart and told me all my shinies, even the ones I got, might vanish because of some glitch. I believed this, too.)
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User Info: rapscallion733

5 years ago#28
I found a shiny zubat in ruby in that underwater cavern where you fight team aqua/magma. I had 30 ultra balls and not a single one managed to catch it...
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User Info: snacktimeguy

5 years ago#29
I never encountered a random shiny. My friend said that he caught a shiny Miltank once.
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User Info: CM_Ponch

5 years ago#30
Shiny Poliwag and Pikachu in Crystal. Save was corrupted.
I had numerous shinies in my copy of Black version, including a shiny runner Articuno from Platinum, and a shiny Charizard, that copy was stolen last year. Pretty thankful for pokegen >_>
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