Your sad shiny Pokemon stories?

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User Info: Pretztailfan95

5 years ago#61
All those shinies I see of legendaries in GTS with impossible requests.

User Info: wurmtoken

5 years ago#62
I caught 3 out of 4 encountered shinies in Gen 2 (Golbat, Drowzee, Rattata, lost a Zubat). Unfortunately all 3 caught ones were on the Silver cartridge whose battery failed.

It took until Soulsilver version before I found/caught another (Goldeen) and I have played EVERY gen and EVERY version.

Then White version I managed to get a shiny Litwick and it is my pride and joy. So scared that something might happen to it.

Now I have the Shiny Charm but it hasn't given me any yet despite breeding tons with the Matsuda method haha.

User Info: RoccoRed

5 years ago#63
I actually caught this shiny Zubat in Ruby once. But I completely forgotten about it and I gave my game over to a friend before I moved.
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User Info: TaticalWarrior

5 years ago#64
What shiny?
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