How often do you nickname your pokemon?

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User Info: gopack24

4 years ago#11
Only when Nuzlocking
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User Info: Skyward_Sneasel

4 years ago#12
If I am going to use it, I nickname it. Nicknames are always "Mc_____", with Emboar's "McSizzlin'" being one of my favourites, as well as Luxray's "McKitykatz" in platinum or Ampharos' "McBaaz" in SS, Black and Black 2
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User Info: NeoZeromus

4 years ago#13
I name them (As closely as possible, anyway.) after various anime/game characters.

Like, for example:
1. Poliwag named Suwako (Touhou)
2. Seviper (Or Arbok) named Kanako (Touhou)
3. Ralts named Satori (Touhou)
4. Hitmonchan named Domon (G Gundam)

Before anyone says anything, I like Touhou games (And fangames) in general.
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User Info: RippleLaser

4 years ago#14
Never bothered.

User Info: Pretztailfan95

4 years ago#15
I name all the females after suitable Touhou characters. Sometimes I name the legendaries too.

Reshiram = Reimu
Zekrom = Marisa
Tirtouga = Nitori

And if it's male only, I just name it Jerome.

User Info: RoccoRed

4 years ago#16
Second_Chances posted...
Always, ever since Sapphire.
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User Info: pmaster

4 years ago#17
Only to the Pokemon who have good IVS and are EV trained.

User Info: swordsman126

4 years ago#18
Never, but only because I'm not creative enough.

User Info: Sopheroo

4 years ago#19
Always since Blue.

User Info: ryudin89

4 years ago#20
Second_Chances posted...
Always, ever since Red.
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  3. How often do you nickname your pokemon?

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