How often do you nickname your pokemon?

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User Info: darklinkfan55

4 years ago#101
i always nickname them
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User Info: CorneliusNepos

4 years ago#102

User Info: ShadowAngemon

4 years ago#103
Just team members, anything I specially train for contests or battle tower type things, or really versatile HM Slaves that I carry around a lot.

I think the only Legendary I've ever named was a Mewtwo named Destroyah.
"Anything worth fighting for is worth fighting dirty for!"

User Info: MegaWentEvil

4 years ago#104
I have named a Meowth Gatomon in Pokemon Blue before.
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User Info: CursedPoet

4 years ago#105
gopack24 posted...
Only when Nuzlocking
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User Info: SSx4Leonjr

4 years ago#106
I really try to nickname EVERY single Poke'mon I catch. Don't know exactly why, I guess it's cause of some kinda' deepseated 'bond' thing I have for all the Poke's I catch.
I've been doing this ever since Blue. And let me tell you it's really hard NOT to recycle names I've used before in past games!
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User Info: Marbiaach

4 years ago#107
ChackNorris7 posted...
Mugiloko posted...
If I can think of a good name, I nickname it.
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User Info: darkus_f

4 years ago#108
ryudin89 posted...
Second_Chances posted...
Always, ever since Red.
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User Info: TheOnlyHeal

4 years ago#109
Always. Even if I never use them.
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User Info: solarisjedi

4 years ago#110
On playthroughs and when I add pokémon to my battling team.
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  3. How often do you nickname your pokemon?

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