How often do you nickname your pokemon?

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User Info: AmephEstMako

4 years ago#81
I nickname all my Pokemon.

When breeding, I tend to remember which Pokemon by starting with a similar quality of that Pokemon and then just start alphabetically.

Like if I was breeding Spoinks, I would go Aoink, Boink, Coink, Doink, Eoink Foink and then IV check them.
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User Info: Mordecai the Mad

Mordecai the Mad
4 years ago#82
Never, and it irks me that you can't get rid of nicknames on traded pokemon.

User Info: DarkBlade81

4 years ago#83
XWolfO posted...
Only a very few special ones get nicknames. If I can think of anything at that moment that is (by that I mean when I catch them, duh).

Same with me

User Info: Bloodmoon77

4 years ago#84
Ever since heartgold I always nickname them.

User Info: C__N

4 years ago#85
pmaster posted...
Only to the Pokemon who have good IVS and are EV trained.
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User Info: Insanititious

4 years ago#86
When I feel like doing so.
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User Info: JFalkirk

4 years ago#87
i used to not nickname any, but now i try to name all

User Info: DarkDragon386

4 years ago#88
I name everything that has a gender an actual name of that gender, such as a female Kingdra i nicknamed Claire. If I can find a good reference, such as the one mentioned, then I'll name them that. If not, I just name them a random name. Genderless Pokemon I name their species name, but getting rid of the caps.
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User Info: Groudon199

4 years ago#89
I never nickname mine.

User Info: reaverz

4 years ago#90
Legendary Pokemon don't tend to receive nicknames from me. However, the vast majority of my Pokemon since Gen 4 now receive nicknames. Most of my Gen 3 ones don't.
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  3. How often do you nickname your pokemon?

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