What did you name your character in the game? And WHY.

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User Info: grrCHOMPd

5 years ago#31
I'm not ashamed to say I played each twice <.<'

B: Bram [male, named after Bram Stoker, writer of Dracula]
W: Mina [female, named after the character Wilhelmina from Dracula]

B2: Lucy [female, named after the character Lucy from Dracula]
W2: Harker [male, named after the character Jonathan Harker from Dracula]

Yeah, naming is a big deal for me when it comes to games lol
I already have Character+Town ready for AC:NL and the MU in FE:A

User Info: CM_Ponch

5 years ago#32
Ricardo, because it's my name. >_>
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User Info: BottledPoe

5 years ago#33
I name my character after my own name in all games (which have female characters anyway), which is Jenna.
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User Info: zeldafan477

5 years ago#34
I named my character after my real-life name, because I felt like it.
Not changing this until Capcom either gets their act together or the company goes under (Dragon's Dogma was a good start.)

User Info: DKU_Arich

5 years ago#35
Named my character an obscenity (F***Toy = the censored GameFAQs version) because I can.

User Info: Rose_Mage

5 years ago#36
The_Sol_Blader posted...
I kept a Shin Megami Tensei II theme through the game, naming the MC Aleph and the rival Daleth. I would have called Rosa Beth but alas, you can't name her...

I am the Beth to his Aleph.
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User Info: glitchunter75

5 years ago#37
I try to make cool-sounding and unique names.

Especially in Pokemon Ruby. I named my character "KABOOM!!!"

Yes, exclamation points and all.
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User Info: Sky_Rayquaza

5 years ago#38
TherianReturns posted...

Why? Because that's who I'm playing as.
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User Info: Windyligth

5 years ago#39
I named my character ****, I.

Everytime I pick up an item, the game goes "****, I found a potion!"

Everytime I send out a pokemon, the game goes "****, I sent out Pikachu!"
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User Info: CursedPoet

5 years ago#40
Males: My own name or Dathus(nickname I picked up)
Females: Yelena or Arianna. No reason, just liked the way they sounded.
Dragoon and Corsair of Ethereal
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