Which starter?

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User Info: BassForever

5 years ago#31
Chespin for me, first time in a while I'll be doing a grass starter
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User Info: Checkmate88

5 years ago#32
I want fennekin!
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User Info: Paradox421

5 years ago#33
For once, I actually like them all.

But I voted Froakie, since I pretty much always start with a water type.
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User Info: MalkyeaImbak

5 years ago#34
Im going with grasshowatt (though i have a ill feeling the final stage is grass/ground)

Only way I'm using the fire on is if turns into a fire/fighter

User Info: Anclation

5 years ago#35
Fennekin, unless they do something really stupid and make the final evolution a fire/fighting type. Hell, if the final evolution is really awesome-looking, I'll probably still pick it.

User Info: jimrichards

5 years ago#36
I'm gonna take a punt on Froakie, in the hope it'll be a cool-ass Water/Poison Pokémon. If that turns out badly, then Chespin it is!
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User Info: cmaisme

5 years ago#37
You forgot to add two important options

Waaaaahhh!!!! I don't have a 3ds!!!!! HEAD EXPLODES


Waaaaahhh!!!! I have NO IDEA!!!!! HEAD EXPLODES

User Info: Rock_Howard87

5 years ago#38
EJW posted...
Fennekin is my least favorite.

Too cutesy.

This. I actually really liked Froakie and I really wanna see his evolutions. I will make my final decision when I see the remaining evolutions of them all though.
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User Info: Two-Face

5 years ago#39
I like Froakie a lot, though I really like Fennekin as well.
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User Info: Maurith

5 years ago#40
Chespin. The other 2 don't really inspire much from me. I'm really not seeing all the Fennekin appeal, then again don't care about the Charmander, Blaziken and Tepig lines.
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