Hopefully they dont let us trade from older games into X/Y.

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shiningpikablu252 4 years ago#31
jayman7 posted...
And since Dragon Quest Monsters already showed that the transfer is possible, it would be BS, plain and simple.

Actually, chalk that feat up to the Mii Maker. To import Miis from a Wii system, Mii Maker makes use of a communication method intended to transport Wiis between a Wii and specially-created DS games--in other words, Mii Maker uses a communication channel intended for the DS platform. Mii transfer being one way from Wii to 3DS has been clearly explained to be because of the presence of Mii parts available on the 3DS that aren't on the Wii.

Not that the Dragon Quest Monsters idea is a bad one, mind you. Actually, had Black/White 1 waited a few months and been 3DS launch games, Pokémon could have come up with that idea first...
I am a die hard Pokemon fan to the most, including the traditional hate of Yu-Gi-Oh.

User Info: Lexifox

4 years ago#32
VIIVincent posted...
why not? how does other players who start lv100 Pokemon could possibly harm you in any way? why do you need the to feel and try to guilt them that a game should be savored? why should you even care? wtf?!

seriously. i wonder how brain dead people can get.

It's not about being brain dead so much as either being selfish or lazy.
"Murder of the living is tragic, but murder of the idea is unforgivable." - Janus, speaker of the synod

User Info: overmaxx

4 years ago#33
No, that would be horrible.

Want to start fresh? Then do it. What the hell is stopping you?

User Info: Pretztailfan95

4 years ago#34
black_turkey posted...
Yarnball289 posted...
I want to start fresh, No old pokes, just all new ones. (Trading maybe)

I want the old pokes, but I want to start fresh. If they start fresh, there will be no hacked pokes (the 3DS hasn't been hacked yet, and probably won't be for a while)

So how has the Wii-U already been hacked, but the 3DS hasn't?

User Info: ChronoAce

4 years ago#35
The only way I will be OK with not being able to trade over old pokes is if they change the IV/EV system or give old pokemon new BST.

If none of those things happen but we still can't transfer, all it does is screw over legit players. The hackers will still hack and not lose anything.

User Info: Ruwalk

4 years ago#36
You know, since we could just transfer all of our Gen 4 pokes to Gen 5 games with a system other than trading, I highly doubt they're going to block backwards compatibility altogether. Gamefreak knows that's one of its largest strengths. Not very many games today can say "you can keep this one character that you groomed and and worked with for over ten years, even in this new game!". It's a trait very unique to the franchise, and to be honest it would be a horrible marketing move to not allow transfer at some point. Just do it after E4 like many other people have said.

It sounds to me you're more after equalizing the online playing field by getting rid of hacked pokes. I don't blame you, but if someone hacks for the single player part of the game what does it matter to you? What you should be asking for instead is for a way for gamefreak to check pokemon entered for wifi battling and wifi trading to see if they're "born in game" or born from a different program. I don't really know how that would work, but other games do things similar to this. Even the pokemon from RNG and AR, no matter how identical they look code wise, they have to leave some weird marks in their coding somewhere. At least that's my opinion.

User Info: LazorFist

4 years ago#37
I wouldn't want to get rid of Stealth Rock entirely. Just nerf it by reducing the damage output, allowing all rock types or creating an ability to absorb it like Toxic Spikes, or even creating a powerful Dark or Ghost type spinner. Also, we would like to keep our hard earned Pokemon and shinies.
Gandalf the Istari 4 years ago#38
I've never really gotten into pokemon since gold/silver because of all the multiple editions and trading and cross generation stuff.

But thats probably because I'm a completionist.

User Info: SSx4Leonjr

4 years ago#39
All I can say is NO Fing WAY!!!
I want to trade my Poke's from Diamond,HG,Black & White2 over to this as soon as I can! I want to see my adorable Eevee in 3D! as well as my other favorite Poke'mon from past Gens.
So we had better be able to trade with ALL the DS iterations of Poke'mon!
X-box GT: SSx4 Leonjr PSN name:D_and_K_Dobbs
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User Info: lyle81992

4 years ago#40
I hope they do let us send our Pokemon to this game.Everyone put effort into leveling their Pokemon and to do otherwise would be trolling.
Pokemon Black FC-1592 4693 9258
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