choose my starter,,,,xD

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User Info: pokemonfreak97

4 years ago#11
Your starter in XD? I'd recommend Vaporeon or Jolteon if you've played Colosseum, or Espeon or Umbreon otherwise.
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User Info: BirdPwNz100

4 years ago#12
Snorlax lol
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User Info: pmaster

4 years ago#13

User Info: thiaguinhohp

4 years ago#14
Smugleaf! ^_^
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User Info: Nightbird_X

4 years ago#15
Tepig is the hardest IMO.
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User Info: CakeOfLies

4 years ago#16
Genesect was my Starter, but that doesn't help, does it? xD

Okay, seriously, I chose Oshawott.
Samurott is probably the easiest to use in-game, Serperior is the best online, and Emboar sucks.
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User Info: elite_marksman

4 years ago#17
Oshawott 4 lyf

There's a better grass pokemon and quite a few better fire pokemon available pretty early on.

But if you want a water type early, you have to settle for Marril or Psyduck, neither of which are spectacular.

User Info: shannonz101

4 years ago#18
Thanks guys! I've decided to roll with oshawott (Don't know how I'm going to manage without Azumarill but sure I'll cope)

User Info: demonslay477

4 years ago#19
All this game starters suck. They suck so much, I put mine in a box 3rd gym down, beat the game, then transferred my Charizard. Still don't ever think about serperior.
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User Info: Abramelin

4 years ago#20
Serperior will be fantastic if they ever release his dream world version. That's my vote.
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  3. choose my starter,,,,xD

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