What's the longest you've ever spent looking for a Pokemon?

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User Info: Tzuba12

4 years ago#31
Freakin Feebas in Sapphire. Oh and Relicanth. I remember swimming back and forth for hours near sotopolis before I found a Relicanth.

Don't remember when I found a feebas though, I just know it too forever.
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User Info: adismaltheft

4 years ago#32
Several hours looking for an Impostor Ditto in Giant Chasm's Grotto. I was mostly watching TV/reading TVTropes while searching though. Still didn't find it...
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User Info: J_Nics

4 years ago#33
Castform is a lie, I've decided. I can't seem to find a good spot on that route to get rustling grass with any consistency, and his 5% chance seems like a 0.1% because it's always something else. I've skipped him for now, after looking for an hour or 2 the other day.
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User Info: infinitexx

4 years ago#34
Go-Busters95 posted...
2 hours for a Eevee in Black 2.

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User Info: RoccoRed

4 years ago#35
Took me 2 hours to find a Sawk in my Pokemon White.

Bright side is that I found a legit Shiny Audino in those hours. :D
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User Info: synthera

4 years ago#36
Feebas is Emerald, 6 tiles out of 500 (or some ridiculously large number like that) 5 casts in each spot, about 2-3 hours a day fishing. But then how about you find one, weaken it then make it faint, and you're out of pokeballs, so back to town, all tiles reset, repeat.
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User Info: Nightbird_X

4 years ago#37
I've got about two hours so far invested in a Jolly Skill Link Shellder. I was gonna settle with Adamant, but game froze when I was switching Pokemon in the PC and I hadn't saved yet.. :/
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User Info: FuneralCake

4 years ago#38
I spent probably two or three months looking for a Munchlax in Diamond. It took me so long that I ended up finding two shiny Wurmples before I found one Munchlax.

I also spent maybe six months looking for a female Skitty in the Dream World. I had found a couple before I actually tried looking for one, though, so I don't know if it really counts.
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User Info: DcmRulz

4 years ago#39
I must have been insanely lucky with munchlax since it was one of the first honey trees I checked in diamond, before I even knew of its rarity.

That luck turned on me with the hidden grotto, no dragonite, breloom, poliwhirl, vulpix or even bagon after days of trying. Starting up my search again though.
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User Info: Lickitung

4 years ago#40
About two hours looking for a Chimecho in Ruby.
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  3. What's the longest you've ever spent looking for a Pokemon?

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