Dream World Rarities

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User Info: EHeroHaneKuribo

4 years ago#1
Does Dream World have rarities? I'm getting really frustrated because I am going through Icy Cave over and over again trying to find a female Swinub and I am yet to find any Swinub male or female, although I have found countless Druddigons, Onix and Geodudes. I can't find any website mentioning rarities when it comes to their appearances, rather then what Pokemon appear with what amount of points.
Am I unlucky? Swinub is a Default Pokemon, so it should be around as much as all the other defaults, right? I hate how Dream World has so many limitations and caps, making this a bigger problem then it should be.

User Info: Kapuxa

4 years ago#2
I guess ur just unlucky, swinub was one of the first females I got from the Icy Cave x.x. I had this doubt too, from my experience, the more points they require to show up, the rarer they are. Anyway, if u keep trying and not getting him just PM, ill gladly breed u a female one from mine. Good luck

User Info: maxxximo

4 years ago#3
do yourself a favor and google dreamworld.exe, dream world shouldnt exist, its a waste of time imo ,the pokes are already programed on your game but you need to go online to get them, thats bs
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