The world tournament

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User Info: loffter

4 years ago#1
The faq says that to unlock the World Leaders tournament I have to beat all of the region tournaments, which I have.. at least, the 3v3 version. Does that not work? Do I have to do 1v1 or *shudder* all of them?
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User Info: darksolgamer

4 years ago#2
Strange, I beat the region tournaments in Single Battle and it unlocked for me
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User Info: Luigi_Fan2

4 years ago#3
I think you also have to beat the mix and rental tournaments. I don't think they have to be done in 1 vs 1.

User Info: J_Nics

4 years ago#4
I have never beat rental or mix and I unlocked World Leaders with only single battles.
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User Info: Hylian50

4 years ago#5
I only did the 1v1 tournaments and it unlocked.
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