What are your strongest pokemon near the end of the game?

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User Info: WizardofHoth

4 years ago#1
If you're up against the last gym badge and for the Elite 4 for the first time. What pokemon that you've caught and trained in random battles are the strongest? Mine are

Magmar at level 49
Keldeo at 60 now
the weird blue jellyfish that looks like a royal king
the red octopus since its got ice beam handy to use against dragons and some flying
Wailmer - good for being a Surf slave and Dive
the bat that has a heart shaped nose. Pretty useful during some battles. That and I used him for Fly
Magnezone - great for taking care of any water and flying pokemon

User Info: wufei8706

4 years ago#2
Probably Arcanine.
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User Info: Tali_Zorah

4 years ago#3
For my first B/W2 run, in which I only used pokemon I had caught in that game rather than trading for my own team?


Caught that Minccino in the Hidden Grotto Bianca takes you to, noticed it had a really good nature, plus that it had its dream world ability Skill Link, and pretty much threw it onto my team right there right then.

Gave it Tail Slap, Rock Blast, Bullet Seed and Wake-Up Slap, and made it hold a Scope Lens for boosted critical hit chance. The damn thing ended up slaughtering just about everything I met. At level 60, it defeated the White Kyurem at the end in one turn with Rock Blast.

I am never going to underestimate adorably cute little fluffy things in these games ever again.
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User Info: Dredj

4 years ago#4
hhhmmm, it was ether N's Zoruark or Grotto Minccino.

Emboar was really good too being my only Pokemon with over 200HP and attack, Heat Crash was absolutely wrecking.

User Info: KoN_Wusty

4 years ago#5
My DW Gyarados and DW Excadrill wrecked through the game. They're a little broken for in game use
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User Info: AwesomeMario

4 years ago#6
between my LVL 51 excadrill and my Lvl 60 Lucario.
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User Info: deimos91

4 years ago#7
Weezing,Arcanine,serperior,Magnezone,cofrigocus and zoarok

User Info: Pooo869

4 years ago#8
Probably my Electivire it was lvl 70 somthing by the E4
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