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User Info: KakuzuHidan

4 years ago#1
- aqua jet
- super power
- mega horn
- waterfall

- dragon dance
- dragon claw
- fire punch
- roost

- psychic
- focus blast
- shadow ball
- trick room

- swords dance
- ice fang
- crunch
- brick break

- fiery dance
- bug buzz
- giga drain
- quiver dance

User Info: protobakurion

4 years ago#2
Are they EV trained in any way?
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User Info: CakeOfLies

4 years ago#3
Looks good to me.
Don't listen to EV training noobs. That's a good team.

User Info: Voltares

4 years ago#4
CakeOfLies posted...
Looks good to me.
Don't listen to EV training noobs. That's a good team.

Dont listen, ev training isnt difficult or time consuming, it quite worth it in pwt.
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User Info: CharizardFire

4 years ago#5
You need one more.
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