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User Info: hwemel

4 years ago#1
Should I evolve my magmar into a magmortor?
It just evolved from a magby and i dont know if i should wait or not.
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User Info: CakeOfLies

4 years ago#2
Dunno if it learns anything as a Magmar that it doesn't learn as Magmortar.

User Info: wutzgood

4 years ago#3
Holy crap hey hwemel. Been a really long time.
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User Info: BlueReckoning

4 years ago#4

You can evolve it now if you wish. I suggest evolving mostly for the stat boost but the other moves he can learn that magmar can't are nice too.

Also teaching him thunder punch via move tutor is a nice way to deal with water type pokemon assuming magmortar is faster.
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User Info: JDM_Jev

4 years ago#5
Can't magmortar learn thunderbolt?
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